Sustainable Tourism

We are very conscious about the way we run our business at Isoitok Camp and have gone out of our way to make an accommodation that is sustainable and responsible that simply blends in with its natural surroundings to further enhance and capture the real bush feeling we enjoy so much. We respect our Maasai neighbors and have worked with them closely for many years achieving great goals and with each year and continue to do so.

For the Esilalei Maasai community and Isoitok Camp the biggest hurdle we continually are faced with is the absence of a permanent water source or ground water. This hurdle has been bridged in part and through the camps permanent existence and our own requirements for water, the Maasai for the first time since 2012 have access to 5500 liters of fresh bowser(tanker) water that Isoitok Camp makes available to the Maasai at subsidized affordable prices.

Our pledge to the communities that we will continue to rotate and replenish this amount of water every seven days which is “In Balance” with the camps consumption during high season, it also happens to fall in the hottest driest months of the safari season when many rural communities really begin to feel the dry seasons pinch.


We continue to educate, assist and bring training to our Maasai neighbors in ways of becoming more sustainable within their own communities and by using Isoitok Camps sustainable approach the Maasai actually witness our working model (the camp) which demonstrates simple ways to become in tune with our surroundings and the environment making full use of the passing seasons.

Rain harvesting tanks along with grey water systems that utilize the waste water from our kitchens, shower and hand basins have been slowly added throughout the camp and provide so much water that is reutilized in every way possible before it ends up returning to mother nature herself keeping our bush gardens somewhat vibrant through the toughest months.

Our purchasing policies are also closely followed and we purchase through local suppliers – this enforces and further supports the local communities that although not directly involved in tourism or Isoitok Camp benefit from our existence. You will find a true locality on a very local scale of business that will ensure the best produce reaches Isoitok Camps kitchens. We let our suppliers know our policies and that we need where humanly possible, Tanzanian or East African produce only.


The key to Isoitok Camps harmonious existence is how we treat and work alongside our Maasai neighbors. All staff/clientele have access to a short history of how Isoitok camp came to be and over the years where we have reached.

Our responsibility in tourism is to aid and give back where ever possible to the Esilalei community at large. It is important that we promote only cultural tourism that does not exploit and take advantage of local communities. Our efforts in giving back through the African Roots Foundation (ARF) are monitored to ensure that we are making a positive impact without change to cultural traditions and beliefs.

For more information on current running projects or how you can help also please do not hesitate to drop us a line, if you want a little more time with us at Isoitok Camp and would like to get a hands on experience with some of the projects then this is also very possible and allows you to understand the subtle impact our presence and your interest can have on simple daily living standards.