Activities around the camp

The camp is situated in the Maasai area known as Esilalei on the soft rolling hills of Losimingori,12km away from the beautiful national park of Lake Manyara. Our relationship with our Maasai neighbours allow the intrepid traveller to be enveloped in Maasai culture and lifestyles. Through our “Smorgasbord” of activities that the camp has on offer one can gain some exclusive insights into Maasai culture along with experiencing time out of a safari vehicle with varying nature walks taking in The Great Rift Valley as you go.

If during your stay, you would like to dive a little deeper into the lifestyle of the Maasai we advise you to book this in advance with your chosen tour operator as we have limited local English speaking Maasai guides.

Furthermore as the activities are real life experiences (not staged); we fit into the Maasai way of life and have to consider certain logistics and timings involved. Most walks will be accompanied by one of the Isoitok staff members to help with translation and explanations that the Maasai game scout cannot provide.

Maasai Medicine Walk

Usually arranged early morning or in accordance to your arrival times. Take a leisurely ramble on the soft slopes behind the camp, good footware is recommended as terrain is rocky with many thorny bushes to navigate around. Learn about the different root and plant extracts still being used by the Maasai on a daily basis. Timing can be adjusted to fitness levels and ages within the group. Ranges from 30mins to 1.5 hour.

$30 per group (max. 6 persons)

Maasai Boma Visit

Fit into the rhythm of Maasai daily life with a visit to a traditional Maasai boma (dwelling). Take a look behind the scenes and experience how these nomadic tribe’s people still live. Depending on season usually organised at first light or late afternoon in accordance to livestock movement.  Meet the Elders, Moran (warriors) Maasai women and their children with full explanations into status and ranking within the family age groups.

$35 per group (max. 6 persons)

Traditional Song and Dance

Experience the song and dance of the maasai and learn about the traditional meaning behind the varying songs. Great for kids, everybody welcome to join in!!

$50 per group (max. 6 persons)

Traditional Goat Sacrifice

Witness a traditional goat sacrifice in the Korongo not far from the camp. Our Maasai workers will reveal their skills in butchery and unveil the practise that are passed down from generation to generation. Followed by a traditional goat BBQ and Swahili buffet spread.

$115 per group (max. 6 persons)

Viewpoint walk with bush refreshments

Your camp host and Maasai scout will take you up to one of several viewpoints overlooking Lake Manyara and The Great Rift Valley. Depending on preference and time available the walks range from 15 to 45 minutes. Good footware is recommended as terrain is fairly steep and rocky in places. Sundowner snacks and a beverage of your choice are available whilst you soak in a melting sunset overlooking Lake Manyara. (Honeymoon package available on request)

$15 per person (children below 12 at 50%)
(Additional drinks like sparkling wine and Champagne available on request and at additional cost)

Bush lunch

Head away from the camp towards a rocky shady clearing (short hike) and enjoy a bush lunch for two with excellent views of Lake Manyara and the Rift Valley. A dedicated waiter will look after you every need allowing you to stop and stare at the vista that fall before you. Sit back on a throw down mattress and let your worries slip away as you soak in the slow pace of Esilalei Maasai community.

$35 per person (if on full board) (children below 12 at 50%).

Romantic meal for two

Enjoy private bush dining with all the trimmings – and a personalized waiter to attend to your every need, includes a bottle of sparkling white wine or upgrade to Moet Champagne.

$40 per person with sparkling wine (if on full board)
$65 per person with Moet Brut Champagne (if on full board)