We take our level of service very seriously through inhouse training and roll playing empowering our Maasai neighbors with the same level of attention and dedication as Arusha town folk, it’s all done with a light-hearted flavor but we aim for the best professional results.

Here we set up different scenarios and settings for breakfast, lunch and dinner with all manner of questions and conversations that may arise during service and our Maasai and walking activities including safety briefs and fire training!! Your safety is No 1 during time spent with us in the bush so we pay close attention to all possible scenarios and plant this seed of the danger from fire to all ages to get the message across and demonstrate with fire drills and explanations in Maa (Maasai language) so all have a better idea of what to do and not to do in case of a real life situation.

We are very proud of the results and the staff certainly enjoy a challenge which makes their varying rolls interesting with a willingness to strive to better themselves and be No 1 out there!!!

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