Safari and culture: Wonderful tented accommodation within walking distance of Maasai bomas. Isoitok has a relationship with the nearby community so you can visit and photograph life in the boma and with the cows, goats and [...]

The camp is situated in the hills away from the road and is incredibly peaceful with the sound only broken by birds, cowbells and mooing.

The tents are extremely comfortable with lots of space and a big bathroom. If you take the outside shower you can look up into the acacia trees and sky - a great experience.

We had a lot of long discussions over dinner - the food is excellent and the service always available. If you are doing a safari and discovering the animals of Tanzania and Africa, this is a wonderful way of learning about Maasai life and culture. 

Recommended accommodation for an authentic experience.Hman877 - Tripadvisor


We wanted to do something different and put tent design, engineering and carpentry to the test with a magical result. The tents are thoughtfully located with plenty of bush and natural fencing to give you the seclusion and privacy you need.


The camp is close to three prime wildlife areas, so suitable for daytrips. If you would like to dive a little deeper into the lifestyle of the Maasai, we are offering you real life experiences (not staged).


An intimate private camp in a beautyful bush location. A little piece of Africa as you had always imagined and dreamed it to be. We offer a grass root cultural experience and a true look behind the scenes into Maasai culture.


We attempt to make as low an impact on the environment as possible. For example we use solarenergy. We respect the local community and work closely with them.

Sustainable tourism

Our responsibility in tourism is to aid and give back where ever possible to the Esilalei community at large [...]

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